Ways Homemade Kitten Food Is Better Than Store Bought

Ways Homemade Kitten Food Is Better Than Store Bought

Ways Homemade Kitten Food Is Better Than Store Bought

When it comes to feeding our kittens, homemade cat food has a lot of advantages over store-bought cat food. In this article, I’ll discuss the facts and myths.

Kitten food is a very sensitive subject. It’s hard to know where to start on a topic that’s so personal, so we’re going to talk about it from a clean, no-nonsense perspective. There are plenty of people who swear by overpriced store-bought kitty food, and there are others who refuse to give their cats anything other than the best—homemade. We believe that homemade is the best option for your kitty, and in this blog we’ll help you decide which is best for you and your cat.

What Do Kittens Need To Eat?

The process of feeding kittens is not as easy as you might think, however, since the kittens themselves can’t tell you what they need. Kittens eating too much food can get sick in a hurry.

What Do Kittens Need To Eat

All they need is proper nutrition. Kittens need to eat small amounts of food each day to maintain their weight and health. Many care givers get into a routine of giving kittens the same type of dry food every day, but this is not the best way to make sure kittens are getting proper nutrition.

Foods To Feed Your Kitten In Her First Year

Keeping your kitten healthy is a big responsibility, and it’s something you should do right from the get-go. Feeding your kitten healthy homemade kitten food from the very start will ensure that she will grow into a healthy adult cat. The amount of food and what you feed your kitten will be different for every cat, but as long as you stick to a healthy diet, you should never have to worry about your kitten getting sick.

Foods To Feed Your Kitten In Her First Year

There are several options: canned food, kitten pate, kitten milk, kitten treats, and homemade kitten food. Unfortunately, canned kitten food is not recommended for the first year of a kitten’s life. That’s because canned food can contain highly toxic ingredients like ethoxyquin, and some kittens will develop a potentially fatal condition called hepatic lipidosis from eating it.

What To Feed A Kitten 3 Weeks Old?

“There is no such thing as a ‘right’ food for every cat and kitten; every cat is different, so we all have to find what we think is best for our cats. However, there are some things that are universal when it comes to raising your kitten. If you prepare a nutritious diet your kitten will grow and thrive.”

Feed A Kitten 3 Weeks Old

This is a general how-to recipe for homemade kitten food. You will need:

-1.3 kg of chicken (1/2 kilogram is about a pound)

-28 grams of fish (one ounce is about 30 grams or 2.6 tablespoons)

-Eggs (whites)-4

-15 ml of whey (one teaspoon is about 15 ml or 0.6 teaspoons)

-200 ml of coconut oil

-1/2 teaspoon of salt

-1/2 teaspoon Vitamin C

-50 ml of water

How Much Food Should I Give to My Kitten?

As a cat owner, I know the importance of feeding my kitty tasty food. But how much should I feed my kitty? Some people are feeding their kittens a lot of kitten food. Some are not feeding their kittens at all. If you are feeding your kitten a lot of food, then you should probably cut back a little.

DIY Cat Food Formula:- 0.03 to 0.05 x body weight = total (grams) fed in a day.

So let’s consider an example for this. Assume 5% of 1.5 kg body weight = 75 grams in a day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitten Nutrition

How much fat should be in homemade food for four month old kitten?

You should feed your kitten a balanced diet, with low levels of fat. A homemade diet for a four-month-old kitten should contain around 25 percent protein, and less than 10 percent fat, which is around the level of fat contained in cow’s milk.

What are the best options of homemade kitten food for diarrhea?

For diarrhea you can try feeding your kitten

  • A mashed boiled egg.
  • You can try a small amount of plain yogurt and a mixture of rice and boiled chicken, with a little bit of rice water mixed in.
  • You can also try giving your kitten a little bit of plain yogurt mixed with a tiny dab of honey or even a little bit of sugar.
  • Undiluted Pedialyte or Gatorade can also be given to a kitten that has diarrhea.

Can I make my own homemade kitten food?

It is always recommended to make homemade wet kitten food blending muscle meat of chicken, mutton, kidney, heart and liver because they are able to process certain nutrients well as kittens need more protein to grow, while adult cats need more fiber. That’s the perfect homemade kitten food recepie.

Is it safe for kittens to eat dry or wet foods?

Would definitely recommend wet food for kittens less than 1 year old. Kittens need to consume a lot of moisture, and dry food contains a lot less water than wet food. As kittens are growing so fast, they need to consume as much water as possible. Kittens need to drink water, but their food also needs to be moist.

How To Make Homemade Food For Kitten?

Every day is a new adventure and it’s important to have a healthy diet for your furry little companions. You can make your diy cat food, but it can be challenging.

Making your own food for your kitten isn’t usually something people do, but it can be an option if you get a kitten at a young age, and have little time to learn how to cook and shop for food. Making your own food for your kitten is a smart way to save money, but there are some things to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of making your own food for your kitten.
How To Make Homemade Food For Kitten



Will save money – Don’t have to buy food from the store and the food your kitten prefers i.e packed foods.

Easy – Don’t need to know how to cook and can make most of the nutritious food yourself.

Fresh – You make it, so you know exactly what ingredients are going into it.

100% Nutritious – Your kitten is getting all the calculated health benefits.


If not refrigerated, becomes a breeding ground of harmful pathogens which are bad for humans too.

This homemade kitten food recipe includes homemade food for 1 month old kitten, 2 month old kitten upto an year.

Homemade organic kitten food recipe consists of 80/8/6/6 rule

80% of muscle meat (chicken, mutton)

8% bones

6% liver

6% other secreting organs (kindney, spleen, brain, pancreas)

Commercial Wet Kitten Food Necessary For Cats?

Wet cat food is typically the way to go for cat owners, since it’s easier to serve and can be mixed in all sorts of ways, without the fear of it spilling on the floor and ruining carpets. That’s why there are many different types of wet cat food available. Some products are made specifically for kittens, while others are made specifically for kittens and adults.

Commercial Kitten Food

Cats are extremely finicky eaters. It’s not that they can’t be trained to eat out of a bowl, but they enjoy their food in a more intimate setting. For that reason, they don’t like dry food that’s been put into a bowl—it just doesn’t have that ‘treat’ to them. What they do love is wet cat food, and this is why you can find cat food in a can. A little commercial dry and wet food here and there is not bad for cats but a main part of their diet should contain raw meat.

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