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Nutritious Homemade Cat Food

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? A pet is a companion for life. So feed your cats with our highly nutritious and homemade cat food. ? Our raw cat food is a lot better than what you can get at the supermarket. We calculate and restrain all the nutrients by adding raw muscle meat, organ meat, eggs & egg shell.?

Weight: 1kg

Recommended Dosage Per Cat: 150 – 200 grams per day 


Why Our Nutritious Homemade Cat Food?

A lot of people think that packaged cat food is the best way to feed their cat. However, this is not the case. What most people do not know is that most commercial cat foods are made with rendered meats and other ingredients that are not as nutritious as they could be.

Furthermore, the commercial cat food companies use a myriad of additives that are not healthy for your cat. For instance, many commercial cat foods are full of corn which is hard on your cat’s digestive system, and often corn is genetically modified which can cause a host of health problems.

If you have ever looked at the ingredients in the package of cat food you know that they are not very healthy and it is no wonder that cats are the number one pet that need to use the vet. The reason for this is that most commercial cat foods are made with filler and additives that contribute to the cat’s obesity and health problems. It is no wonder that there are so many cats that come to the vet with kidney problems, tooth problems, and urinary tract infections.

Cats are carnivores and require a high-protein diet, just like dogs. As a matter of fact, they require more protein than dogs. The problem is that the average dry cat food contains more carbohydrates than protein and is also more expensive than homemade raw cat food.

The homemade cat food by Crazycatlife

Is a complete and balanced meal that is rich in nutrients that will help your cat live a long and healthy life. A healthy diet for your cats consisting of raw muscle meat, eggs, and organs that are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is easy to serve to your cat and can be stored under a storage container in refrigerator, and it is a great way to ensure that your cat is getting the proper nutrition and health benefits of a healthy diet.

How To Feed Your Cats!

The way to feed your cats our homemade raw cat food is by first putting the food in a bowl that has been cleaned with soap and water to ensure that no harmful germs or bacteria from previous meals are passed on.  Then, you can let your cat’s sniff and lick the air to enjoy the aroma. Then, you can take a small amount of the food and drop in on the floor. Cats are known to have a very sensitive sense of smell so they will come running to the food. You can then drop some of the food in the bowl and you can watch your cat’s enjoy their meal. Check Webmd Guide too.

Meat Sourcing

100% Fresh and Locally Sourced

Protien From Meat of Chicken & Mutton


Amino Acids like Taurine & Arginine from Meat


Fatty Acids

Yes, From Added Meat Fats

Vitamins & Minerals

Yes, From Added Meat, Liver, Kidney, Eggs & Egg Shells

Feed Your Cats Like The King or Queen He/She Is.

You’ve never seen your cat ? so happy and playful. Your feline friend is bursting with energy. Thanks to the fresh ingredients ? and vitamin-packed nutrition ?, your cat will be glowing with health and the shine on that coat! ? This is the cat food ? you’ve been looking for.

Serving your feline friends, our home-made meals.

2 reviews for Nutritious Homemade Cat Food

  1. Viren

    Highly recommend fatema’s homemade cat food. Under just 15 days, my cat significantly showed changes in health and became more active!

  2. Clemmie Lustberg

    Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues. It was truly informative. Your site is very useful. Thank you for sharing!

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