We provide home based fostering/boarding/daycare for your cats and other small animals. We also make high nutrition based cat food, sell interesting pet products and provide pine wood cat litter for you furr babies.

I don’t over crowd and take in limited number of animals at a time. My house is completely cat proof and no chance of any escape artist to run away. Cats can have a good view at day time where birds come in frequently which helps in mental stimulation of cats. I maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene and keep constantly in touch with the pet owners by sending videos and photos.

Fatema's cat homestay in bangalore

Choose How You Want me to Care for Your Pet!

I am experienced in training, gained veterinary experience working under a wildlife hospital. I possess skill under medications. I am able to recognize subtle signs of a problem.

Cat Boarding

I provide home based fostering/boarding/daycare for your cats and other small animals with homely environment. Animals are treated here with love and care. I don’t cage the animals and they are free to roam.

Nutri-Based Cat Food

I prepare highly nutritious cat food adding calculated proportion of fats, liver, heart, muscle meat of chicken, mutton and fish and eggs.

Cat Training

I can litter train your cat along with behavioral corrections understanding their psychology.

Cat Grooming

There’s nothing like a little pampering to make your pet feel amazing and look like the star they are! Most cats naturally groom themselves frequently. Sometimes they’ll need a little help to feel or look their best.

Pricing Plans


Cat Boarding/ Cat Sitting

Board your babies with us and be tension free

Cat Boarding / Cat Sitting

INR 400 per day without food & litter

INR 500 per day with food (Whiskas) & litter

INR 600 per day with food (Royal Canin) & litter



How many cats do you board at a time?

We board only limited number of cats i.e 6-8 at a time.

Are cats kept together?

Yes, they are kept together. It’s good for them to socialize with other cats. I monitor their activities carefully.

Do Cats fight?

Cats cannot indulge in severe fights because they know that they are in a different territory then their own so they try to socialize.

How frequent do you give updates?

I provide updates almost everyday through photos and videos.